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Beamer: easy printing

A bash script that post-processes a latex/beamer presentation, for easy printing, written by Stephen Doty. It particularly post-processes overlay frames that are unneeded for printing purpose. It is based on the pdfnup utility, available for download in every Linux and MacOS X distribution in the pdfjam package.

A direct link to the script file: makehandouts.

HERE (Put that picture)

A LaTeX style file that should be included in every LaTeX distribution, but that doesn't in most of the cases! It allows to manually specify the place where a picture is to be inserted. After adding it to the LaTeX distro, just run the texhash tool for updating the LaTeX database.

A direct link to the style file: here.sty.


A nice package for editing camera-ready posters with LaTeX. The package is originally designed and maintained by Brian Amberg.

A direct link to the style file: poster.cls.

An archive for building a hand-made poster:

PhD Thesis - UEB

A LaTeX template for formating a PhD thesis under the requirements of the Université Européenne de Bretagne (UEB).

A direct link to the archive: v0.0 - v0.1 - v0.2.